My mother who is 82 years old introduced me to Polari-Tea about three months ago. She posted me 2 packets from Capetown. I am 62 years old and had a triple by-pass 4 years ago and found that I experienced great benefits from taking Polari-Tea.

I have been taking Polari-Tea after my cereal in the morning and there-after just top up the mug every time it's empty using 1 tea bag approx. 4 times. It has greatly enhanced my sleeping… no more restless nights, good for the kidneys – my urine is clear in the mornings – no more dark brown/yellow.

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Polari-Tea Flavours

Physical & Mental


aniseed, fennel, fenugreek, ginger, liquorice, linseed, peppermint.
Caffeine free.

Physical and Mental Balance

The Polari-Tea recipe, based on ancient Ayurvedic knowledge, re-establishes internal harmony for ideal well-being. Polari-Tea is formulated from a unique blend of 7 Herbs that have effective detoxifying qualities and assist in weight loss.

The 7 Herbs are reputed to

Aniseed – soothes cramps and flatulence
Fennel Seed – strengthens digestion and calms the nerves
Fenugreek – aids the nervous system
Ginger – referred to as the “Universal Medicine”, promotes gastric health and acts as a liver tonic
Liquorice – relieves spasms and inflammation, restores and rejuvenates the body
Linseed – excellent tonic for colon and lungs, as well as a bowel detoxifier
Peppermint – relieves intestinal problems, acts as a mild anaesthetic to the stomach, and can calm feelings of nausea

How to Restore Your Balance

Polari-Tea should be enjoyed as an everyday drink. Soak the tea bag in a mug of hot water for 5 minutes. Serve without milk for the best possible flavour. For a tantalizing taste, add honey, lemon or fresh ginger.

We suggest that pregnant women consult a healthcare practitioner before use.