My mother who is 82 years old introduced me to Polari-Tea about three months ago. She posted me 2 packets from Capetown. I am 62 years old and had a triple by-pass 4 years ago and found that I experienced great benefits from taking Polari-Tea.

I have been taking Polari-Tea after my cereal in the morning and there-after just top up the mug every time it's empty using 1 tea bag approx. 4 times. It has greatly enhanced my sleeping… no more restless nights, good for the kidneys – my urine is clear in the mornings – no more dark brown/yellow.

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Polari-Tea Flavours

Passion & exhilaration


aniseed, fennel, fenugreek, ginger, liquorice, linseed, peppermint.
Caffeine free.

Passion and Exhilaration

Enhanced with extra ginger for more energy and vitality. In addition ginger is renowned to provide relief from inflammation. The Polari-Tea recipe, based on an ancient Ayurvedic knowledge, re-establishes internal harmony for ideal well-being. Polari-Tea is formulated from a unique blend of 7 Herbs that have effective detoxifying qualities and assist in weight loss. These Herbs work synergistically to restore and support the natural balance between mind and body.

The 7 Herbs are reputed to:

Aniseed – soothes cramps and flatulence
Fennel Seed – strengthens digestion and calms the nerves
Fenugreek – aids the nervous system
Ginger – referred to as the “Universal Medicine”, promotes gastric health and acts as a liver tonic
Liquorice – relieves spasms and inflammation, restores and rejuvenates the body
Linseed – excellent tonic for colon and lungs, as well as a bowel detoxifier
Peppermint – relieves intestinal problems, acts as a mild anaesthetic to the stomach, and can calm feelings of nausea

How to Restore Your Balance

Polari-Tea should be enjoyed as an everyday drink. Soak the tea bag in a mug of hot water for 5 minutes. Serve without milk for the best possible flavour. For a tantalizing taste, add honey or lemon.

We suggest that pregnant women consult a healthcare practitioner before use.