My mother who is 82 years old introduced me to Polari-Tea about three months ago. She posted me 2 packets from Capetown. I am 62 years old and had a triple by-pass 4 years ago and found that I experienced great benefits from taking Polari-Tea.

I have been taking Polari-Tea after my cereal in the morning and there-after just top up the mug every time it's empty using 1 tea bag approx. 4 times. It has greatly enhanced my sleeping… no more restless nights, good for the kidneys – my urine is clear in the mornings – no more dark brown/yellow.

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The History of Iced Tea

Iced tea wasn’t served as a drink until the year 1904. It was invented really by accident. At the World Fair, held that year in St. Louis, Missouri, a tea salesman was offering his hot beverage to people attending the fair.
It was so hot that he couldn’t get many to even give it a try. He came up with the idea of adding ice to his drink. Well, that was a huge success. It’s often said, “The rest is history”. So it happens that today over 80 percent of the tea in America is iced.
Many people continue to ice their tea in the winter. They don’t feel the need to switch to something hot.

Iced Tea has now become a beverage enjoyed all year round.

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